We help our client get their permanent residency in Australia. Permanent visas allow applicants to stay, work and study in Australia for indefinite period of time.

Some of the permanent visas are as below:

  1. Subclass 189: This is the first of its category which allows applicant to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident. This visa is granted to people who have skills that are in demand in Australian market. People applying for this subclass need to fulfil required points specified by Department of Australian Immigration and Citizenship and have their skill accessed by accessing authority. On fulfilling these requirements and points, department may grant this subclass.
  2. Subclass 190: This visa is granted to applicant who has required skill that is in demand and is nominated by a state/territory government. It is similar to subclass 189 but must be nominated by the government.
  3. Subclass 489: This visa is slightly different from previously mentioned visa subclasses though it also leads to permanent residency. This visa allows applicant to live and work in Australian regional area for up to 4 years.