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Australia is considered land of opportunities. However, sometimes it can be challenging to get jobs applying by yourself after you graduate from Australian university especially if you are applying for white collar jobs such as software programmer, network administrator, accountant or engineer. Australian “Professional Year Program” is a bridge course that prepares fresh graduates for required industries and possible challenges. It enhances employability of graduates by teaching them industry specific skills. At the end of the course, education institutions conducting the course also send these graduates to various renowned organizations for internships. These graduates not only gain valuable skills within the industry, but also get 5 points which they can claim to apply for residency.

To be eligible for this course, you must be:

  • a recent graduate from higher education program within Australia
  • hold a graduate working visa (485 subclass)
  • achieved 6 band overall in IELTS or equivalent

How graduates will be benefited:

  • They will get be eligible for 5 points towards permanent residency.
  • They will gain valuable industry experience while doing internship.
  • They might get permanent job in the company where they did internship.
  • They will get valuable insight on industry and learn communication skills, both spoken and written required for Australian workplace.