Why Is It Better To Study Abroad?

In the context of Nepal, many youth’s interests are growing in studying abroad. What can be the reasons for Nepalese people to go abroad for further education? Here we can know that studying abroad is gaining an education in a foreign country in order to attain a wider perspective of different cultures and explores new things.

As we all know the education system of Nepal, we cannot get a higher quality education, thus, studying abroad helps us to adapt to the different methodologies of teaching and learning in a new place with an effective academic system.

Everyone wants to make their future career in effective way. Studying abroad is also a new opportunity to build ourselves where we can be independent. There will be a lot of new experiences, not only learning an academic subject but also their cultures and way of life and new languages. We will also get the chance to meet new people, make international friendships, become more adults, and can have a different unforgettable life experience.

Foreign Education Department Chief Girman Thapa reveals that the exact number of Nepali students who got permission to go abroad is 323,972, (Nepali Sansar 2020). Especially for the course in IT and Computer Science, Engineering, Hospitality, and Nursing.

Why do people want to go abroad?

Now, let’s discuss. What can be a popular reason?’ The main reasons can be for the more attractive salaries and suitable working environment and opportunities, to immerse yourself into a better lifestyle, for the international experience and education. Also, the developing country lacks better education and opportunities, so people are highly interested in going abroad.

Coming to a conclusion, ‘Why is it better to study abroad?’ Studying abroad helps to seek career opportunities, it helps the CV look much stronger. It also helps to increase international job prospects. Another interesting thing is that we can discover new cultures, sharpen language skills and personal development, and get familiar with exciting foods with different tastes.

Generally, people do not want to study locally because studying locally can be a limitation of choice. Local Universities or colleges may not provide specific courses that one is looking for. Though many Nepalese youths are going abroad for better study, it is not guaranteed that every youth will get equal opportunity. Many people face many problems relating to expensive academic costs, rent, food, and clothing. There can also be difficulties in language. It is not easy to return home whenever they want. Not everything will be easy as it is a foreign country. It sometimes takes a lot of time to get adjusted to a new place.

In conclusion, we can generate advantages as well as disadvantages of studying abroad, but the pros are more than the cons. However, every learner should understand only the beneficial and safe culture and customs of that country.

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