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Australia is one of the favourite study destinations for students especially from East and South Asian Countries including China, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Bhutan. The reasons are quite obvious for it to become one of the best study destinations as Australia is among the safest nations to live in, with a world-class education system and top universities.

World class education

Australia has the 3rd highest number of international students in the world which makes it behind only USA and UK. Australia’s education system has produced the world’s leading researchers, scientists, designers, educators and entrepreneurs who have won prestigious international awards such as Oscar and Nobel prizes. Moreover, Australia has one of the world’s best educational infrastructures and teaching resources in the world. Besides, Australia has seven of the top 100 universities in the world. Its education system has been known for teaching students practically so that they become prepared for real-life challenges.

The diversity of education

Universities in Australia offer a wide array of courses and degrees to domestic and international students. Students can be enrolled in a wide range of disciplines in any level of education from diploma to doctoral degrees. With the help of universities’ built-in search engines and course catalogues, students can easily find their course of interest. This is the first thing students need to find and decide as that defines their ultimate career.

Excellent living conditions

Australia is considered one of the safest country compared to other parts of the world as the crime rate is significantly low. This is one of the reasons why visitors and students feel at home. Though some of the major cities of Australia is considered expensive, the cost of living in most of these cities are significantly low in comparison to that of the UK and the USA. Students are allowed to work 40 hours fortnightly or 20 hours per week. The hours worked provide helps to support for living expenses. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities opened at universities for deserving candidates.

Multi-cultural environment

Australia is among the most multicultural countries around the world. It has a safe, friendly and harmonious multicultural society. It is home to various ethnic groups and nationalities from across the globe making it a culturally diverse nation. Students can meet people from different nations and learn a lot about other cultures. It means they can also enjoy cuisines, music and sports from various parts of the world. The locals are welcoming and friendly towards their guests. This is one of the reasons why graduates want to apply for permanent residency and call Australia their new homeland.

Opportunities to work after graduation

Opportunities for international students do not come to stop with their graduation. On the contrary, they can apply their theoretical knowledge in professional environments after graduation here in Australia. Australian immigration department grants a special work visa to fresh graduates who study in Australia for more than 2 years. This time can be utilized in gaining professional experience in the chosen industry. Moreover, the amount spent in earning a degree in Australia can be earned within this period. The importance of these degrees and experience cannot be underestimated. Most importantly, the degree and experienced earned in Australia make the students attractive to many employers globally.