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Australia is a Country founded by Migrants who have contributed to make it a great place to study, live and work. If you are planning to come to Australia, then we can take the stress out of managing and preparing your application.

Immigration rules are complex, and laws and eligibility are always changing for different visa classes with precedents being set based on circumstances and Government legislation. Every client’s situation will be unique to them, so it is imperative to work with a registered Migration Agent that has MARA accreditation. Only a MARA registered Agent can legally give you advice on Immigration, it is illegal for non-registered individuals to give Migration advice under Australian law.

Right & Associates Migration division was founded to tailor our services to the needs of individuals, families, businesses, corporations and investors in achieving their dream and goals of migrating to Australia.

It is imperative that if you are considering Migrating to Australia that the first step is to obtain the correct advice by only working with a MARA registered Agent to have a successful outcome.

Here at Right & Associates Mr Rijan Gautam is a Registered Migration Agent MARN:1795415 located in our Sydney Office. He is able to give you personal service and advice based on your history and circumstances. Mr Rijan, keep abreast of the constant changes within Australian Immigration Law, ensuring that you receive the most up to date advice for a successful outcome.

E: visa@rassociate.com.au

After assessing your visa options, we will prepare and manage your application with the Department of Home Affairs.

Migration Services

  • Student Visa
  • Visa extensions
  • Skilled Regional Visa
  • Immigration
  • Employer Nominated Scheme Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Citizenship
  • Visa rejection/Cancellation
  • If you are a local employer, looking to sponsor an overseas skilled worker to work in your business we can help you through the maze of immigration paperwork.
  • If you are an overseas worker with professional or trade qualifications, looking to work in Australia we can help you through the maze of immigration and trade qualification paperwork. To check whether your skill is in current demand in Australia
  • If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, who has a spouse, de facto partner or fiancée overseas.
  • If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, who has parents or children overseas and are an Australian sponsor or temporary resident.
  • If you have experienced a visa refusal or notice of cancellation and require assistance with an application to the Migration Review Tribunal.

The Right Advantage

  • Registered MARA Agent
  • End-to-End Case Assistance and PR Filing Process
  • Complete and Real-Time Knowledge of Changes in Ongoing Rules & Policies of Immigration Laws
  • Tailored advice
  • Transparency and communication keeping you informed
  • 17 Years’ experience
  • Multiple office locations in Nepal and Australia
  • We follow the MARA Code of Conduct (https://www.mara.gov.au/becoming-an-agent/professional-standards-and-obligations/code-of-conduct/)
  • Represent ethical Australian Institutes across all sectors of Education to achieve your career objective