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Australia is a country founded by migrants who have contributed to make it a great place to study, live and work. If you are planning to come to Australia, be it to visit, study or to settle down permanently, then we can take the stress out of managing and preparing your application.


Immigration rules are complex, and laws and eligibility are always changing for different visa classes with precedents being set based on circumstances and Government legislation.

Every client’s situation will be unique to them, so it is imperative to work with a registered Migration Agent that has MARA accreditation. Only a MARA registered Agent can legally give you advice on Immigration, and it is illegal for non-registered individuals to give Migration advice under Australian law. Right & Associates’ Migration division was founded to tailor our services to the needs of individuals, families, businesses, corporations, and investors in achieving their dream and goals of migrating to Australia.

It is imperative that if you are considering Migrating to Australia that the first step is to obtain the correct advice by only working with a MARA registered Agent to have a successful outcome. Here at Right & Associates, we have two registered migration agents who are always happy to assist you with your enquiries and further processes. Mr Dinesh Khanal (MARN 1646313) and Ms. Diksha Lohani Regmi (MARN 1806335) will give you tailored service and advice based on your qualifications, work experience, and current circumstances. Both Mr. Khanal and Ms. Regmi keep abreast of the constant changes within Australian Immigration Law, ensuring that you receive the most up to date advice for a successful outcome.

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Great service!! Excellent Customer Service! They are the best place to go for migration and visa purposes. Will definitely recommend to others. Cheers!

Alisha Goley

Right was very helpful while choosing a university, applying to it, and finally for my visa application. Great staff and diverse services. I will come back again if needed. Recommended to all.

Raksha Shrestha

Meet Our Migration Team

Dinesh Khanal
Director/ Registered Migration Agent

MARN 1464313

Diksha Lohani Regmi
Registered Migration Agent

MARN 1806335

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